Excellent for loud snares and whispering voices too,
on all transient rich sources and all distant miking applications,
good at anything acoustic and works well with ribbons!

But it is not everything: if you are an enthusiast of clipping drums,
883 sounds perfect with sm57 on snare – distorted too!

– 500-series compatible,
– Transformerless design,
– Fast transient response,
– Rotary switch gain control, 10 to 65dB, 5dB/step
– [-20dB] PAD, Phase, Phantom power switches,
– 80Hz High Pass Filter,
– Peak/Signal Indicator,
– Top quality components: selected precision metal film resistors,
capacitors, sealed gold contact relays in audio path,
– 3 year warranty

Designed, assembled, calibrated, and tested in Warsaw, Poland. Available now!

883 microphone preamplifier family:

– 883 single '500 style unit
– 883 stereo 2U unit
– 883 eight preamplifiers in a 2U housing

Download manual: https://audiokultura.com/man/883man.pdf

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