Audiokultura Alusta. VCA type compressor.

Excellent sound, fast transient response, low noise signal path,

modern transformerless design and easy setup: all this makes Alusta

working horse for every recording studio.

Two Alusta’s can be stereo-coupled to process an entire mix

or instruments mic’d in stereo, without shifting the left or right image.

Audiokultura Alusta: VCA type compressor.


-Housing format: 500 module
-true bypass,
-Link function for stereo operation (with second Alusta)
-Gain reduction LED meter
-Adjustable Attack/Release or Automatic recovery
-Switchable detector operation mode: True RMS or Peak
-Soft Knee/Hard Knee mode

Input impendance: 10k ohm
Output impendance: 50 ohm
Operating level: +4dBu
Max output level: +21 dBu (600 ohm load)
Dynamic Range: >93 dBA
Max Gain Reduction 24 dB
Makeup gain range: 40dB (-20dB to +20dB)
Frequency response: 15Hz to 30kHz
S/N Ratio: >93dBA
THD: 0,09%
Shipping weight: 1,25kg

3 year warranty

Designed, assembled, calibrated, and tested in Warsaw, Poland. Available now!