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„*” new prices will be available at the end of June ’24

Iskra1 daphne blue, traffic red, oyster white, yellow green      *

Iskra1 anodized black, anodized silver  *

Iskra2  *

Alusta  *

Lola  *

All OEM (digipot, etc…) inquiries via email

883 500style microphone preamplifier *
883 stereo microphone preamplifier *
883 eight channel microphone preamplifier *

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By email: We accept bank transfer or PP.  Ask for details:

Worldwide Distributors:

Germany:  LEN HiFi

Greece: Akoustiki Kritis

PL Warszawa: PlanetaDźwięku

PL Warszawa: Audiopunkt

PL Warszawa Audiomagic

PL Warszawa DSS Systems 

PL Łazy Audiosource

PL Poznań: AudioTop

PL Poznań: HT Audio

PL Pabianice: Q21

PL Sopot: PremiumSound